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Free survival action game

Badlanders is a free action game developed by NetEase Games. This game introduces the players to the Red Sanctuary. What used to be a great civilization, the Red Sanctuary, once housed the world's most advanced weapon. However, a war broke out, and the once beacon of hope for science and technology fell into ruins. Now, the sanctuary is a bloody place filled with scavengers, roaming to survive. Badlanders is still on its early access stage and is open for pre-registration worldwide.

Withstand life and death encounters

You will take on the role of a special agent who’s out on an immense battlefield. Your goal is to escape from each area of the map by knocking down enemies and creating an advanced arsenal—weapons, armor, grenades, etc. Most of these firearms contain certain accessories and attachments. Some of them can even be freely customized and modify as much as you like.

Bear in mind, however, that the greater the gear you have, the more attention you get from the Badlanders. They will be eager to take it off your hands, so you need to stay vigilant. As you escape, you can also sell all the loot you got from the battlefield. You can use the profit you get to buy an even powerful gear that you can use to survive the game.

Badlanders presents 3D action game graphics that enable you to be fully engaged in each round. The characters here are also easier to control. On the right side of your screen, you’ll find the action buttons that allow you to target opponents, jump, or crouch down whenever needed. You can even slide up to make your character advance automatically. Not only that but with a virtual joystick, you can move in any direction with more ease. Moreover, all the settings are well-designed, and the weapons and resources look realistic.

Action-packed survival game

Overall, Badlanders deserves to be part of your favorite survival mobile games. NetEase yet again managed to deliver a competitive survival looter shooter game that can stand out in the market. With its good storyline, impressive 3D graphics, highly customizable gears, and arsenals, and easy controls, it can definitely provide an exceptional game experience. 


  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Highly customizable gears and arsenals
  • Smooth and easy game controls
  • Great storyline


  • Contains bugs that cause bugs
  • Random frame rate drop


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Badlanders 1.0.0 for iPhone


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